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  • The Entire Book of Kells is now available to see online! For free!! Yes I had to learn what it even was from The Secret of Kells first but hey, it's a beautiful piece of work and I'm glad I did. ;o; That's a gorgeous movie in itself but aw man art history and animation, there isn't enough room in this bullet for the two of them is there?
  • I recently paid a visit to The Last Bookstore, and took pictures of my visit! Along with a few of my Rilakkuma, aha - IT'S SO COOL IN THERE, and their prices wowed me, sob - I got a German dictionary, a book about English parks, and my own copy of Slaughter-House Five at last all for like $13!! So happy -
  • Speaking of German - I'm taking German 1? I'm back in school after months and on one hand, learning a language! Back to school in the first place! And other... stuff - that deserves a rant cut )
  • TL;DR I know the perks are there but I'm still convinced everything sucks.
  • At least Free! exists, thank you Free! Even though I've cried a lot because of it jfc
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A quick happy holidays to everyone! I'm finally relaxing on vacation - and I hope winter's treating everyone well. IT'S COLD DOWN HERE it's wild....

I won't lie, this is a nod to an interesting browser-based way to donate to charities, pointed out to me today. I thought I'd share it since I can't be the only one with hundreds of tabs daily.

Now back to my tagging spree.
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I wonder a little, if I tried to do fandom things again... just where would I put it all?

Such dispersal... there are only so many accounts I can fuss with.

please - !

Aug. 15th, 2012 11:51 pm
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Okay it's now going to be officially obvious that I have no idea how to format posts like this, but I'm just concerned -

Anyone following my tumblr might've noticed I reblogged something similar three times now, but - Sacred Ground is on Auction because when is it not, fucking -

ANYWAY this time it's just that big a deal, one line too many for me to just sit around sad about. But since this got my attention on Plurk - with a good number of links, including the big one to help - I realized

crud, I'm overdrawn

shoot, I have no twitter or facebook to spam this with akjsdf

so I'm turning to the journals now to ask for once - spread this around?

I'm that pissed.

Oh and atm there's 8 days left... yeah. Dick move, putting this up during the Olympics, maaan, no.

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Of course replace the tumblr lingo with "leave a comment."
Couldn't help it, look at this moe thing - and the questions are cute, too!

I've started school again after a nice enough vacation, aa - I really ought to detail these things but I have class today....
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More than being amazing or anything I just wish I could draw more than half of a person before I move on. Honestly it's all busts or legs with me sometimes, separately. It gets sad after a while of never getting near what I intended.
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Went to:
  • The Renaissance Pleasure Faire
  • The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday
Seen ; Reading ; Following:
  • Tsuritama
  • Sakamichi no Applebees Apollon
  • The Borgias
  • APH in Birz
  • The Avengers
  • Giant Killing
  • The Hobbit
  • Shirokuma Cafe
  • Sherlock BBC on tv
Interested in:
  • angels in art
  • figuring out what I really want in my life
  • N PKMN B&W2
  • the usual
And new friends and old,

ilu guys, hi.

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Finals eating me alive.

Send help. In the form of parking meter change, perhaps.